Experience Slovenia

Ljubljana castle on top of a hill overlooking downtown Ljubljana

Unique Ljubljana

Ljubljana – served three ways. Slovenia’s capital is a pocket-sized puzzle that can be biked, walked or navigated by boat. We take an adventure through the city and explore the three different routes. Read more here.

Four tourists observing Stalagmites in Postojna cave

Only in Slovenia

Slovenia is a land of surprises. From bottomless caves and ancient forests to rolling vineyards and a dense patchwork of lakes, wilderness and mountains, it is unlike anywhere else in Europe. Read more here.

Rolling green hills and vineyards, bright red flowers in forefront of image.

Natural Slovenia

Finding a little space to yourself is the heart of any great escape. The country is full of places you can escape to. From glamping experiences in the South-East to vast seasonal lakes and marshes, getting off the beaten track is easy. Our expert guide will take you on a journey through some of Slovenia’s more hidden away secrets.

Slovenian Pasta dumplings Kobariski štruklji

Slovenian Food

Just as a taste can transport you somewhere special, it can also tell you more about the culture of a country than any guidebook ever could. The country's food is a rich tapestry of different nationalities. Across 24 gastronomic regions, you’ll find a whirlwind of different flavours as Mediterranean, Baltic and Italian cuisine all find a home in Slovenia’s culinary larder.